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How our savings calculator works

For every tonne of rPET we produce, we save 1.5 tonnes of CO2 from being produced by displacing the use of virgin polymer with rPET in new packaging products.


Clean Tech
Interior of our UK plastics sorting facility

The UK’s Largest

Clean Tech, part of Plastipak, is one of Europe’s leading rPET pellet and flake manufacturers. We operate the UK’s largest and most technically advanced PET bottle reprocessing plant and can handle in excess of 100,000t of PET packaging every year. We produce food grade rPET pellets that are approved by the European Food Safety Authority and our customers manufacture PET packaging and other PET products across Europe.

Clean Tech - About Us

At Clean Tech, we aim to create new resources from post-consumer waste. We supply some of the world’s best known brands and our material can be found in packaging supplied to every major food retailer in the UK. We work in partnership with our customers to ensure they can reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on quality and service.

Our Manufacturing

Part of the Plastipak Group, Clean Tech operates the UK’s largest post-consumer bottle reprocessing plant and is the UK’s leading food grade rPET manufacturer.

All the products we produce have been manufactured in the UK using post-consumer waste.

Every individual PET bottle we recycle is given a second life, saving raw materials and reducing waste thus creating a better environment for us all to live in.

Clean Tech
Interior of our UK plastics sorting facility


We truly believe the circular economy – one where resources are kept in use as long as possible – is essential to developing a sustainable society. We are therefore the ideal partner for any organisation that uses PET packaging and is serious about developing a sustainable long term business model.


Hemswell, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom


Plant operational 24hrs per day 365 days per year


52,000 square metre site


Output 40,000t rPET products per year