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Clear Hot Washed Flake


Hot Washed Flake

Clean Tech’s clear PET flake is used to produce a range of products including PET trays, films, bottles and other packaging materials.

Clean Tech’s Hot Washed Flake

Clean Tech’s clear hot washed flake offers a cost effective and environmentally sustainable way to replace virgin PET.

Our clear hot washed flake is produced using a variety of industry leading sorting and washing technologies (Titech, Amut and Buhler).  All of Clean Tech’s flake products are produced from post-consumer PET packaging. Our material is predominantly UK sourced and 100% EU sourced.

Our Flake Products

Our flake products are manufactured to industry standards. They are available in both a clear flake and a mixed colour flake. The material we produce is used widely across Europe to produce preforms, bottles, thermoformed trays, Polyester fibre and strapping.