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Clean Tech operates the UK’s largest bottle recycling plant and is the UK’s leading food grade recycled PET (rPET) manufacturer.

Clean Tech recycles post-consumer waste plastics. These plastics go through a sorting process and the various plastic polymers are sorted and segregated. The PET bottles with their caps are granulated into flakes then washed, sterilised and the flake extruded into food grade rPET pellets.

Each product we produce is recycled in the UK using recycled content. For every tonne of rPET we produce, we save 1.581 tonnes of C02. This is achieved by replacing the virgin polymer in the packaging products with rPET.

With each individual PET bottle we recycle, we are creating a second life. Saving raw materials and reducing waste achieve this, creating a better environment to live in.

Our Audits

Regular GMP audits are carried out and used as a platform to continuously improve our processing standards. We keep a keen focus on upholding good manufacturing standards that are required by our ISO9001 accreditation.

Our Manufacturing Capacity

At our manufacturing plant, we have a capacity to sort and process a massive 84,000 tonnes of recycled PET. This allows us to produce cost effective high quality reusable products, which can help our customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Our Customers

Our current customer base includes world-renowned soft drinks, energy drink and mineral water manufacturers as well as leading packaging companies.